Classes in English

The English Week is the perfect opportunity for the students to practice English and to realize how important it is in society today. The week will be organised around several interesting activities.  

The native speakers share every year a part of their time to discuss with the students in a good atmosphere. We are proud to welcome them, year after year they have become essential actors of this week and they can’t wait to meet you in January. Without forgetting the famous « classes in English » offered by the teachers and which allow us to study with a different perspective.

Every year a competition...

Every year, we organise a typical English meal, it allows students to exchange and meet their friends around a friendly and informal moment.

Finally, the English Week is the opportunity for the TC students to be creative on a theme which will be revealed only the first day of the week… Presentation by team, videos and advertising production will be the main industry of the students and it will be part of a big competition.

...Typical English meal

This year will be a little different. We have decided to change and rather than eating an English meal, the TC department will be invited to spend a moment in a secret place! Food, drink, but above all good memories in a place linked to the 2023 theme of the English Week.

Tea & Chat

For this 12th edition of the English Week, we really wanted to bring back this tradition. The Tea & Chat is a great activity for TCs as it allows them to interact with English speakers over tea and biscuits. It is a pleasant and friendly way to speak English and to discover a little more about the Anglo-Saxon culture.