Year after year, the English Week has become more and more important in the TC department. This year, we are introducing the 12th edition !

English Week 2023

2023 - 12th edition

English Week? Never heard of that. The theme was Irish Week and students were surrounded by leprechauns

2022 - 11th edition

The theme was Charlie and the Chocolate factory.

2020 - 10th edition

"Are you ready to be the next pop star ?". The theme was The Beatles

2019 - 8th edition

"Time flies, you are going to be late !". The theme was Alice in Wonderland which was nothing but magical.

2017 - 6th edition

The theme was James Bond. They had their license to kill.

2016 - 5th edition

The United Kingdom is divided, (Dis) United Kingdom was the theme this year.

2015 - 4th edition

This week was organised around the Harry Potter theme : "I Solemnly swear I am up to no good".

2013 - 1st edition

The first theme appeared, it was about travelling, now boarding !